Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Done Son

Jessie G Funk and I did work the last two days. 40+ yesterday and probably even a few more than that today. Yesterday was downtown to Swope and back. Today was Burp to Swope and then back to Burp. I'm toast. So toast I cut the pirate ride a bit short to drink some Fat Tire. It's tasting oh so good...


Friday, April 20, 2012

Call Me a Roadie

Ah, hell... I've gone and done it again. I can't even afford my last bike, but I kinda wanted a new road ride. Just happens that working at a bike shop lets you buy bikes super cheap. Looks like I should have one of these next week...

Speaking of the new job, it's pretty amazing. I couldn't ask for a better spot to be in life right now. If you haven't heard, I've made Epic Bike and Sport my new home. Awesome Specialized shop that sells in my opinion the best brand there is. I could be biased though. I have a few...

Bone Bender went well. Thanks a ton to Chris and all the crew that helped out with putting on such an amazing race. The first lap was crazy, and I yard sailed it right out of the gate on that first rock decent not 20 yards into the trail. I did awesome on the rocks other than that, the best I've ever ridden wet rocks and roots. I have the Stumpy FSR to thank for that. Fell apart towards the end but ended up with 4 out of 120 or so overall 3 hour racers. Not bad for a non endurance racer punk.

Come see me at the shop sometime and we'll talk bikes and racing. It's my job. It's awesome. I'm living the life man...

Trails are stellar right now. Get out and have some fun!


Friday, April 13, 2012

The Chief is Back

After 5 months of being pieced out and in hibernation, the Chief is back and ready for some action.

I'm almost fully recovered from the toughest patch of being sick/injured that I've ever had to go through. Luckily I feel like I managed it all ok.

I even managed to get off Sunday. I'm thinking three hours at Clinton would be a great way to relearn the Epic.