Monday, August 8, 2011

Show Me State Games

Well, I guess everyone had other shit to do yesterday. At least judging by the no shows I assume that was the case. No big boys from the Lou, and none of the CoMo heavy hitters showed. I remember back in the day this used to be a very hard fought out race. All the big boys showed up, and it was something to actually win it.

Not to take away from the guys that did show up yesterday, but it was a pretty small expert field none the less. I rode a pretty consistant race, not really pushing it too hard and just trying to stay steady. Ended up coming through about 15 minutes in first after three 7.5 mile loops. Good ride through the woods no doubt.

So where was everyone? I was really looking forward to racing Dan and Best, but neither of them showed. I know Shot is in Colorado, and I haven't heard what Elwell has been up to.

No worries, this weekend will be full of some heavy racing. First Saturday, and then Sunday. My first double header!

Rest week this week... Minus some easy riding, and Spin Wednesday. Oh, and those two races this weekend. Anyways, it'll be nice to take it easy for the most part, and try to get some stuff I've been putting off at the house done. Like cleaning and laundry. I haven't spent a full weekend at home since early Spring. Go, go, go I tell ya.

Oh, I almost forgot about the frog giggin on Friday night. It was AWESOME! It was good to spend some time with the Pops and lil Bro. It was a new experience together, and it was very successful. 86 legs when it was all said and done. Definently a good night with gigs, and even better was the frog fry we had last night.

Don't knock it till you try it...

Hope everyone had a great weekend, and had some good riding. This week looks to be much much better temp wise!

Now if we can just keep this rain away for the weekend festivities...



  1. Man it's been a long time since I went froggin', that's some good drinkin' times I tell ya. I used to fill my camelback with beer so I could have my hands free for the light and gunnysack of frogs. We always waded in the creeks, sometimes go on a boat, but I think the wading was more exciting. How about you? boat? water stompin'?

  2. Freaks! See you Wed. Nite G...JPS

  3. Sorry homie, it was the only weekend my wife had off all summer long...she has been on her surgery rotation of med school, so I was just kicking it with her and drinking beer this weekend. Bike racing just wasn't a good idea to throw into the mix.