Tuesday, December 27, 2011


It's December 27th... I'm wearing shorts.  Crazy


Saturday, December 24, 2011

The REAL Whales Tail

Finally! Swope was railed in its full glory for what was a perfect Christmas Eve morning ride. There was only one drop on Marcy's that I didn't hit. Everything else was butta...


Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quality Time

It woulda been another great day for gravel riding, but a late night coupled with the first decent Chiefs game in a minute meant I only had a couple hours to ride. I ended up learning the new bike some more instead. Two hours of constant sprints and hucks later and I'm even more in love with this bike. It's amazing what you can do. I rode up a twelve step staircase... Like it was nothing. Any drops in the 3-5 foot range are pillowee. The drop in the pic is a fun one, with a good 2-5 foot range. I've found all kinds of new fun lines around town on this thing.

Now if Swope would just dry...


Saturday, December 17, 2011

Trail Condition Check

Rode all over the place today. Checked the trail conditions at Knob. Yup, way wet. Oh well... The rest of the day was sweet, filled with crazy warm temps and never ending gravel. Thought of doing the gravel ride in Lawrence, but its hard to drive that far when you have unlimited gravel out your back door.

No mtb for the next few days I reckon.


Friday, December 16, 2011

Monday, December 12, 2011

Screw It... I'm going BIG

After spending three days in the great Colorado Springs on one of these...

I gave in.

I'll have one of these by this weekend...

Oh ya, it's go time baby. I thought the Epic monster trucked. You have no idea. 140mm up front, 135 in the back. I may not be the fastest uphills, but let a rock garden get in the way and I'll show you how to murder it. The bike I rode all weekend only had 130mm overall travel. The Evo should rip rip rip it up all day all day.

Welcome to the big wheel, big travel era... I don't care what they say. These things are way too damn fun to deny. Anyone wanna buy a rigid hartail Stumpy? I've got one for sale...


Friday, December 9, 2011

Spot on at 80mph

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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snowy 40 Mile Katy Commute

I had no idea it was supposed to snow today when I chose to ride my bike to a friends in Booneville last night from work. It's a little over 40 miles on the Katy Trail. Last nights ride was good, but you could imagine my suprise when I woke up this morning. No worries, I bundled up and hit the road. Getting out of Booneville was fun. Cars and trucks sliding everywhere, and me and my bike just powering right on by them. It's was fun to watch the looks as I sprinted up hills they couldn't even drive up.

The ride went well, a little longer than expected but it was fun none the less. Hard too... The Katy hides itself in almost flat demeanor but is far from it on this section. You're either going up for miles at a slight grade, or down. It's the hilliest section of the Katy, and it works ya.

This got me thinking, what's the craziest/longest commute you've every done? I'm sure I'm not the only crazy one. Of course my co-workers thought 40 miles on the snowy Katy was nothing sort of insane. Oh, what they don't know...


Friday, December 2, 2011

The First of December

So Base 1 went well. Nothing crazy but it was a good solid foundation for phase 2. 15 hour/week average, followed by Thanksgiving rest week. Did manage a sweet turkey day ride at Binder on the cross bike.

Today I rode in a pair of knickers and a light long sleeve jersey. Almost like riding in shorts and a tee. Can't beat that for December 1st. A big thanks goes out to my boy JesseGFunk for the helping me get rid of the rigid. He kindly let me borrow one of his Fox forks for the winter. Completly changed the Stumpy... Way better. Thanks dude!

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