Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Not Paper Planes MIA, but in a sense missing like her since her one hit wonder pop on the scene.

Riding bikes... Yes I've actually been riding my bikes! The board has since been put up, and the chains have been lubed and tires aired. It's go go time.

Races have been cancelled, big bummer. Trav and I were supposed to go to Okie last weekend to duo a 6 hour but that was failed. Thought about going to NE this weekend until we found out the race was a one lap time trial.

Good ride Sunday with the boys in the hood of the Burg. 50+ miles of road goodness, and more training to get Kev in shape for the DK 200. Will I participate? Who knows, you might just see my name on the waiting list. Wait a fucking minute, 200+ miles of gravel in Kansas? Might need to re-think that plan. I'm still leaning towards following Kevin in a car getting drunk all day. That sounds more like it.

Trails will be dry this week! Yippie I Ki Ya! Got to hit some hot laps up last night. Crankset is toast, need a new one but biz has been slow so I might have to pull some strings.

My sights are set...

Monday, March 1, 2010

Help! Am I A Roadie???

Ha ha, the correct answer is B. NO! But I do love to go fast, and when the trails suck like a hoover with intense moisture, then yes, I do for a fact take to the road. I picked up a sweet deal at the beginning of last Summer on a full carbon K2 road bike. Sram Rival groupset, Easton Circuit wheelset, Sram carbon cranks, the full works, for only a grand. This thing is like a rocket on the roads compared to my old road machine, the Kona Jake. Guess a cyclocross bike isn't the most ideal road tearing machine. None the less I had an awesome weekend of riding the road. So I may not be a full time roadie, but when it comes down to it, I'll do anything to get a good ride in.

Saturday we spent the day in Jeff with my Mum and little sister. Jamie took the kids along with Mum and Libby, and they headed into town to see the capital and do some shopping while I went out and road the old roads of my day. The roads that I used to romp back when I lived in Jeff. I started at the house in Brazito, headed over to Honey Creek Road, to Tanner Bridge into town, over to Stadium where I hit up Red Wheel for a little break, some air in my tires, and some cliff shots. I started the ride with 40 pounds in both tires and didn't have a pump on me. From there it was up Edgewood, over to Country Club, to C and that's where it got interesting. I was hoping to hit Zion to Loesch but Loesch turned out to be gravel. So I backtracked a mile to Walnut Acres, which looked great for the first two miles and then turned to gravel. I said fuck it, it was only another few miles to my next turn and the gravel was super buff, so I took my full carbon road bike on a gravel grinder. Little did I know that down the next hill was fresh gravel that was unrideable. Another mile and a half of walking/running, some more riding, more walking, and a little more riding and I finally hit blacktop where I took D back home. Nothing like a little adventure. All in all it was a good 2 and a half hours of solid riding.

Yesterday was fun and interesting. I started the day at about 11 with an hour road ride from Jamies house. I hit B to 65 and then turned back around and rode back. It's about an hour ride exactly, right around 20 miles with 1000 feet of climbing. I rested for three hours, and then went back out and rode the same route again. This time I was treated to a spectacular sight. It was a group of 50,000+ geese tornadoing down into a field. If you've ever got to watch such a sight, you know how crazy cool it is. The noise alone they made was stunning, much less the wild funnel affect they show when coming in hot to land. It was the highlight of the day, and I wanted nothing else than a 12 gauge, extended magazine of about 12 shots, sitting silently as they approached, and then BAM, BAM, BAM. We're having goose tonight!

So after safely arriving home, I shot some pool with Jamie's bro, drank some brew, and three hours later turned on the computer, pulled up New World Disorder 3, and rode the trainer for an hour at a nice clip. Struggled a little, but that's everytime on the trainer. I don't enjoy riding in place. After that it was a core workout to finish off the day.

Three 1 hour workouts and a core workout. Good training for our first big race, the 24 Hours of Syllamo. I need to train according to the race which is why I broke up my workouts. At the race it will be an hour on, three off, and hour on, and such for 24 straight hours. FUN!!!!

More nice weather this week? What the fuck, I guess winter is finally on it's way out. Let us all pray.