Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Columbia Speed Academy

Wanna try your might at a 60 minute circuit workout that will likely leave you heaving in the bathroom? Visit these guys...

Columbia Speed Academy

I did one of their circuits on Sunday, and followed it up with a hard 45 miler on the Katy. I'm just now feeling like I'm not sore.

From the self-propelled treadmill, to the ropes, polymetric drills, and five spot jump mats, these guys have a unique circuit that works every muscle in the body. Jason laughed when I told him I've never puked from a workout, and I encouraged him to make me. He did his best, and although I was exhuasted, I still held it in.

But I'll be going back... Again, and again, and again.

Get strong, try new things, break it down and build it up.


Friday, January 13, 2012

Optical Illusion

I took this pic a few days ago. The lake was as calm as I've ever seen for mid afternoon. The lake was even more vivid than the sky, which was amazing itself.

Camera phone shot inverted...


Tuesday, January 3, 2012

3 Day Taintisizor

Oh my oh my... What a wreck I am today. I had basically 10 days off for the holidays, rode a ton, rested even more, but then ended the break with moving out of my apartment which came down to a 15 hour day of moving/cleaning yesterday. Today I feel a little tired.

I really can't complain at all about last weeks riding schedule. I kinda wished I did more core/upper body work, but alas I had a great week. Monday was a little ride around the farm, followed by leg killer lower body bodyweight workouts. I've been heavy on my one legged butt to the ground squats. They're killer.

Tuesday/Wednesday were back to back 45 miler gravel grinds.

Thursday was an off day, just a little core and upper body workout.

Friday began the three day MTB marathon. It was the best three days of MTB I can remember, only made better by being on the funnest bike to date, the Stumpy EVO FSR 29er.

Friday I hit up Four Winds first at Lake Ozark. A real mans trail... A trail that left me hiking my bike out for 2 hours in 110 degree heat back in July. I was ready for some redemption. I got it. The Stumpy did not dissapoint, and I railed a lap of all that Four Winds had to offer.

A short 20 minute drive later and I was parked at Carls Market, and on to the second trails system of the day, Bittersweet. It's soo soo sweet. A trail that you have to know pretty well to navigate, and a trail that even when known has a tendency to get you lost. I was happy to remember all of the intersections, subdivision divisions, road crossings, and more to be able to navigate the full trail. I finished just as the sun was setting, with a Carls Market sandwhich in hand along with the ever so wonderful Central Dairy chocolate milk.

The SKI jump! This thing is a blast. Tucked away on Bittersweet, you pretty much drop down from some guys back yard, and fly down the trail just like a ski jump. Maybe that's were it got it's name.

The entrance to Bittersweet just down the road from Carls. This is just off a normal busy road. You would never see it if you didn't know it was there.

Sitting in Carls Market. Specialized hit the Flo color on the head with this paint job. It almost glows in low light conditions. Very very bright compared to my other Floyellow frames.

Saturday I rode again solo, because apparently crossers are still crossing. I'm so glad that craps about done. I'm ready to ride dirt again with my semi-mountain biking friends. I say semi, because anyone who chooses a cross race over sweet awesome trail conditions, and 60 degree weather on New Years Eve isn't a 100% true mountain biker. Sorry...

Anyways, I hit up BURP for an hour and a half or so, and then headed over to Swope to finish the evening off for a couple more hours of riding.

Classic Swope.

I got porcelin god praying drunk Saturday night, and even though none of my friends wanted to ride again, I decided I was way to hungover not to ride on New Years day. I enjoy hungover rides. They leave you feeling much better than you are going into them. They actually end up usually being good rides for me too. I'm not sure why, but I usually feel pretty good. Sunday I felt great. Suprising after the last two days of taint and leg abuse, but a good feeling anyhow.

I hit up ISH for the first time. The Stumpy killed it... I hit every feature, and for never dirt jumping, I think I did a fine job of sending it. Spent another hour and half of riding, and called it a day as the sun set again, for the third day in a row leaving the trail.

Then I moved all day yesterday.

I think I'm not going to ride tonight. Lot's of unpacking. It'll be a good night to do some circuit workouts.

Then back to dirt tommorow....