Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Early Morning Flyer

It's 6AM, wind blowing by, body and machine slicing through the air like a knife through butter. The Sun is rising to my back, and the road is quiet. The hum of rubber and road are the only sounds I hear, along with the almost silent laboring of my breath. Sweat pours even though the tempature is quite nice. The humidity hangs in the air, causing even my machine to sweat with moisture. I push a bit harder... I go a bit faster... I feel free, because at 6am, flying just seems to come natural.

I really should get out early more often. Then again I'm not a morning person. I find it hard enough to drag myself out of bed, much less throw a leg over a bike and ride in the wee hours of the morning. However, last night my body shut down. It does that sometimes. I got home at 5 and was asleep by 5:30. I only woke a few times, and before I knew it, it was 5:30 in the morning and I almost jumped out of bed I was so awake.

Almost a month of traveling the nation, racing every weekend, and tons of riding in this heat finally cumulated to one of those 12 hour sleep nights.

On the racing news front, Topeka was a whole lot of fun on Sunday. The course was the same as last year, and the tempature was actually very bareable. I took it hard from the beginning, only dragging JPB with me up the grassy hill leading to the singletrack. I stood and sprinted out of every corner on the first lap, which is a whole lot of sprinting. The trail out at the GMansion is loaded with sharp 180 degree turns, and fast and flowy sections.

After the first lap I put it on cruise control and tried to keep a consistant pace. I was able to do so, and in the end I took the overall Expert win. JP Brockett took second, and just like that Ethos took down another 1,2. It was also good to see our St.Joe brothers as they all did very well also, taking home medals galore.

Tonight I'm going to do a little 35 mile gravel grinder, followed by the same ride backwards tommorow morning, and then the SPIN Pizza ride tommorow night.

Gotta get ready for the BT Epic and a couple double header weekends.

That's right Schottler, I got your number son. Ha ha... Well, at least I hope I'll be able to hang your wheel for at least part of that beast.

Here's to 50 miles in the Ozarks at a blistering pace.

Ethos will be there, will you?


Listening to For the Birds right now... Local KC band that I stumbled onto after meeting the cello player Saturday night, who also was the cello player for a show Jeremy Collins had,The Wolf and the Medallion. The show really brought home the last few years of my life, and what is my life's journey. Here's to kicking the Wolf's ass, and never letting go of what drives you in life.

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  1. Oh yeah! BE is on my mind every day! Going to be an Etho's invasion! Go!