Friday, August 14, 2009


Kiss your maidens goodbye, grab your bike, money, and chamois cream and get ready for the most epic battle of the YEAR! Many souls will be crushed tommorow, and I fully expect to watch grown men crumble to their knees in tears on the brutal hills of Crowder. If you have any balls at all, you'll show your face tommorow and flex your muscles in hopes to be crowned king of them all. Or in my case, just finish respectably without experiencing flashes of your life as death looms just around the next corner.

Work is non existant at this point, just managing to tick the time away until I can jet set the fuck outta hear, pack up and head north for the campsite and race venue. The soundtrack of my mind is constantly replaying the most badass song of all time, DIO Holly Diver. If you want to feel badass, you'll press play on the provided youtube video below. If you don't think your man enough to rock out in your cubicle like it's December 31st, 1999 ready to strike mid-night, then I say your not a man at all. ROCK OUT BITCHES RIM IS UPON US!

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