Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Darkness, Trail, and a SS

The sun went down, the lights came on, the ground froze, and we tore up dirt once again since what seems like 1990. It's been too long since my last dirt encounter, the last time we rode trails they had 6 inches of snow on them.

The new set of Juicy's look good, feel good, and should be a good upgrade for the new year. My old juicy's had seen some wear. On a sad note, the Fox fork didn't fit. I need 220mm of steerer, and it only had 180. Shame on me for not checking first. Marco was one cool dude about it though and took the fork back. I found another on Ebay for under 500 so I guess I'm not to bad off.

Wish I could post pics from last night but I forgot my camera. Truely awesome riding can be had in the small town of Warrensburg. There are three trail systems and if you link them up, you have one serious trail ride. We poached one of the local golf courses, and the sand was froze. Can you say sailing? Launch a frozen sand trap and see what hangtime you get. The snow was frozen too, enabling launching through parking lots. I like to get air, maybe I need a DJ bike??? Nooo...

Here's a new one. The ninja mask! Find out more at You'll see me rocking one if this weather stays cold.

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