Monday, February 8, 2010

Snow, Snow, Snow

So I got to do a bit of snowboarding Friday, Saturday, and then on Sunday. No riding... Which sucks. Oh well, I guess I'll make up this week. Friday was a little hour rail jam using a rail I found down at the bike shop. It was a little to short but I got to have a bit of fun. Saturday, in the mist of non stop running around, I got to set up this little bit at the farm. It was fun, I only got to ride for about fourty five minutes, but did get one decent shot. This one, a little one eighty over the black barrel with a nose tap on the way down.
Sunday was no fun. Matt and I headed to Snow Creek in Weston, which seemed to take forever. I did pick up a good deal on a new Burton coat at Dicks on the way up. We arrived to the most extensive terrain park we've seen from either one of these Missouri joints. They had it all. Unfortunatly before I was comfortable to start doing more advance shit, Matt decided to hit the big jump. I told him not to, to wait until later when we were fully warmed up. The result... A dislocated shoulder. So after about 45 minutes of riding we had to get him down the hill, to the car, and to the hospital. He wasn't a happy camper. After spending three hours in the hospital I wasn't either. Oh well, shit happens. I'm glad it wasn't anything worse, but he'll be out for the next couple of months. Guess I'll have to find another shredding partner. Anybody out there board? G

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