Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Not Paper Planes MIA, but in a sense missing like her since her one hit wonder pop on the scene.

Riding bikes... Yes I've actually been riding my bikes! The board has since been put up, and the chains have been lubed and tires aired. It's go go time.

Races have been cancelled, big bummer. Trav and I were supposed to go to Okie last weekend to duo a 6 hour but that was failed. Thought about going to NE this weekend until we found out the race was a one lap time trial.

Good ride Sunday with the boys in the hood of the Burg. 50+ miles of road goodness, and more training to get Kev in shape for the DK 200. Will I participate? Who knows, you might just see my name on the waiting list. Wait a fucking minute, 200+ miles of gravel in Kansas? Might need to re-think that plan. I'm still leaning towards following Kevin in a car getting drunk all day. That sounds more like it.

Trails will be dry this week! Yippie I Ki Ya! Got to hit some hot laps up last night. Crankset is toast, need a new one but biz has been slow so I might have to pull some strings.

My sights are set...

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