Thursday, June 3, 2010

Sunshiny Days

I've been busy... To busy for my taste but what can you do. If I had it my way, I'd be laid back, sippin a 40 in the shade while listening to Snoop Dogg beat outta my boom box. That's a warm sunny day for ya. Instead I've been working go go go, and fitting in good rides here and there.

I forgot to post up about the Krug race, but you can find out how that went by clickin on that pretty Ethos logo over there ----- >

Bottom line was it was a bad ass race, and brutal to boot.

Then it was taking it easy for a couple of weekends. That was nice. No racing.

Last weekend Jamie and I did a little ride on the Katy while the Peddlars Jamboree was going on. That was nice. Jamie did awesome, busting out a 30 mile ride off the couch on her Walmart bike. I was impressed. She only complained a bit, mainly about her bum, but my bum hurt too so I can only imagine her's on that shit ass saddle.

Then Kev and I went out for a hot 45 mile gravel grinder the next day. I got a glove tan line. It's pretty sweet. Kevin got to experienc REAL gravel, none of that buff pussy shit. The kind that's hard to ride through and makes keeping it upright downright hard sometimes. It puts the pain on you, and hopefully the DK gravel is a little nicer to him.

Tuesday I took out to Warsaw to do some preriding so that I can give you, the loyal reader, a preview of the upcoming race this weekend. Prepare for fast, chattery, rocky, fun. I recommend a dually or lower tire pressure. It's a bad ass trail system, but jesus, it'll beat the hell out of you. No real big rocks, just a million billion small ones. Either way it's going to be a throw down. Mac even made an eleveated TT shoot to start the TT on Saturday. It was impressive. This cat puts on one hellava race, so I recommend you come down fool.

Last night I did the Spin Pizza ride up at Waldo with Trav and Jamie and some other people, one of which included a douchy wannabe who thought he was cool. That's besides the point. It was a good ride, something like 24.5 average on the main section. Pretty chill going out to the hammer grounds, and coming back, but for that 18 mile stretch, it was on. We almost got killed. Some jackass in an old hoopdy came flying around a corner, did a 180 hit a car on the oncoming lane and then sped off. What a dick. Luckily we were 30 seconds to late, and he passed us before failing the corner. The pizza at Spin Pizza is amazing... Well I didn't really eat it but I've heard so. Either way this Wednesday night ride is a must do. 30 miles and it leaves at 6:15.

So there you go homie, the almost bi-weekly G-Wiz update. Hope to see you this weekend... Find the dirt here.

Also, recieved my ultrabadass Kuat NV rack a few weeks ago. I'll post up about how amazing it is soon. Let's just say it pretty much makes any other rack look like childs play. It's legit, to legit to quit.



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