Wednesday, February 23, 2011


Let the fun, err, pain begin. I've been skirting the edge of these painful minutes lately, but it was all and far from nothing tonight.

I felt good. Lungs are coming around. It's still early. March launches a full assualt on intensity. Then our first big race at Lance's house. I'm hoping to beat him...

Not really but as long as I can do decent, I'll be happy. Mid pack cat 1 foder. Well that would be ok, but really a top 10 would be even better. Then again if trails don't get better around here, I might have to re-allign my ambitions.

No new bike. It's ok... I'm kind of over it. I might eventually get it built. It's been so long now, what's two more weeks.

The stumpy will ride trails again, and it needs some tlc before gracing Womble goodness.

Speaking of, I should get on that. Thursday is creeping around the corner.

My legs love me right now...


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