Friday, March 4, 2011

My weight loss program!

I think I could make millions off this shit. It's worked like a charm for me. I'm down 25 pounds from the holidays. I like to induldge. But I've been better.

So without further or do, here's my magic pill.

Work out. Then work out some more. Then work hard. Even harder your fat piece of shit.

Eat right. That means NO fast food... Your not that damn busy. Bring your lunch, it's faster anyways. Lots of veggies, tons of fruit. A blender and juicer ate your best friend.

Work out again pansy.

Drink less beer. It's okay alchy, you don't have to go completly sans boulevard, but just keep that shit to a minimal. Like once a week, 3-4.

Work out again.

There you go. I think I need an infomercial. I'm always amazed at fad diets. Really? Are you that fucking desperate and lazy you can't take 30 minutes a day to do some actual physical activity, and stop stuffing your face with ho-hos? I think more than anything, the fact these pitchmen get rich selling that stuff pisses me off the most. Who knows maybe it works, but I sure do hear alot of fail stories.

I know my plan works.


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  1. I saw your frame on BikeSource FB page... You know, its less gay looking than I thought it would be....