Thursday, November 3, 2011

Crunched Numbers

That's UFD East and West, MWFTS, Oklahoma, and Arkansas' total race numbers for the year. Got the first round knocked out, and some interesting things popped up.

I'll compile the numbers soon. Basically we have way more overall racers, however a lower races per racer average, but also well over twice as many XC races. The objective of this search is to find out ways to increase our total racers per race average, to create a better overall race experience for all. Well that and some other stuff.

I'm not short on ideas... I'm interested in what you all have to comment. What changes would you recommend or like to see?


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  1. How about having a race series at Swope? Bad ass trails that you can almost race rain or shine.

  2. whatever they do works. wisc has to be about the same size as missouri and they dont do east/west stuff. everyone has to go to all the races, but they put a big emphasis on winning the overall. its way more fun when the st louis/kc racers are all together. how about some big awards for overall, wors gives away a trek frame plus $$. they give a big savings if you sign up for entire series at beginning of year and you get an official number plate, like oklahoma. they report results the next day online. mwft and ufd should be mwftufd series. dont cancel two races the week before they happen....ive got more probably

  3. I agree 100% with Aaron....seriously, everything he said.

    I huge thing about WORS is the sport class...they seem to be really good at investing in the future of mountain bike racing. We should lobby Mizzou, Lindenwood, KU, etc to try and come to as many races as possible. From there, maybe work on high-school/team development. I'd give up my 15% or whatever it is discount at local shops if that money went to buying raceable mountain bikes for local high school kids.

    Also, learn from DINO, another successful series similar to WORS. Honestly if 10 of the best courses were chosen here in MO, I don't see any reason why the courses would not be on par with WORS or DINO races....they may have 2-3 stellar areas, but overall if you take the 10 best MO mountain bike areas, we have some badass terrain.

    I would love to have a pure XC (and maybe shorttrack day 2) state-wide series. Experts at 10am, sport/beginners at noon.

  4. Bear in mind that "most" of the WORS races are held in the southeastern part of WI, closest to the major centers of population (and Chicago). Likewise most of the MNMBS are located close to the cities. WORS has reached massive popularity because they listened to what the sport racers had to say.
    Perhaps you should consider creating a poll and emailing to out to your participants.