Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Columbia Speed Academy

Wanna try your might at a 60 minute circuit workout that will likely leave you heaving in the bathroom? Visit these guys...

Columbia Speed Academy

I did one of their circuits on Sunday, and followed it up with a hard 45 miler on the Katy. I'm just now feeling like I'm not sore.

From the self-propelled treadmill, to the ropes, polymetric drills, and five spot jump mats, these guys have a unique circuit that works every muscle in the body. Jason laughed when I told him I've never puked from a workout, and I encouraged him to make me. He did his best, and although I was exhuasted, I still held it in.

But I'll be going back... Again, and again, and again.

Get strong, try new things, break it down and build it up.


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