Monday, August 2, 2010

Racing Croc Rock

Musically I haven't posted much as of late. Mainly because nothing has excited me music wise. I haven't found any great gems lately. For the most part music sucks now days. Maybe that's just my thoughts, but great songs are a hard to come by, and great bands are even harder. For sake of you reading this I'll give you one of my old favorites....

Dio, "Holy Diver"

Don't judge me... Just put that shit on loud and rail some trails.

I've been feeling good as of late. I'm about to make Saturday weddings before Sunday races mandentory. I've had good luck these last couple of weeks.

Yesterday was Croc Rock up at Perry Lake put on by Lyle Reidy and some other fine folks. I've got to say they did a fine job. Nice trail, full of rocks, some ruts, fast fast fast flats, river trail, sketch creek crossings, and high speed gravel turns. That's pretty much a recipe for fun in my books. Kev, Amy and I headed up to do some damage and try to ride our legs into the ground.

They started us out with the 19-29 group and 30-39 group going at the same time with the rest of the experts going off a minute later.

I managed to flat during the pre-lap, and then found out my tube had a cut in it. Thanks to some good friends I was able patch it and get some spare tubes. With changing the flat, and fixing my loose chain, I managed to get to the front line with only minutes before the start.

I took the holeshot which seems to be the norm. I figured it wouldn't last long with Kent McNeile and Aaron E behind. It lasted for a couple of miles, then Kent passed, followed by Kevin L, both from Trek Omaha, and then Aaron. Not long after, Kent flatted followed by Aaron. It was just Kevin and I at that point.

I kept him at a 5 second gap leading into the 3rd of fourth lap, but fumbled on my bottle switch which gave him a little bigger gap. The 3rd lap was a blurry death lap for me. The rocks were killing me on my non-suspension bike, and it was everything I could do to keep a good pace. My back was about toast, and my hands felt like they had been beaten with a meat tendorizer. I lost sight of Kevin about mid-way through the lap.

Some goo and the last lap boost got me going again, along with alot of telling myself to quit being a pussy and that pain is just an imaginary crock of shit. The last lap was good, but I did get passed on the last damn hill by some other Trek Omaha guy. I tried to sprint him to the line, but my legs weren't having it. Turns out his was in the master end of the experts, and started a minute later anyways.

So all in all, pretty good shit on my end. 1st in the 19-29, and 3rd of 20 overall.

I beat Aaron, which was funny, because last week I told him I had his number. Pure luck, pure luck...



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