Tuesday, October 19, 2010


My Itunes has been seriously screwed up lately. Super annoyed about it. Actually my whole computer has acted alot like red district lady of the night capable of giving you diseases you wouldn't even wish upon the biggest sandbagger. Silly crossers, 80+ responses to someone cutting barriers. Cross around here is alot like high school, full of drama.

This is what happens when you stick a tire between the grass and pavement at high speeds trying to turn. Carnage...

I've been on my cross bike 4 times now, and the only enjoyment I've found is riding it on trails. Maybe this rain will start my cross fire. As of now it won't be till November until I start racing.

Lots of riding... Trails are still prime. I took a high speed pedal to a stump tonight at Knob and sent myself flying into another sharp stump. Luckily I was six inches to short. I measured the distance traveled from the guilty stump to my final resting place. Over 15 feet. It was epic.

I get to ride Binder on Thursday which has got me pumped. I love that trail. Two full laps is the plan, and I'll need the lights to do it.

By the way, night riding is at it's all time most primo right now. Nothing beats cool 60 degree temps, and the crisp fall air in the middle of the night.

My favorite time to ride is the transition from light to dark. There's about 30 minutes in which the sun sets, and the woods start to darken. As the light fades your focus is at max, because you always must see how long you can go until you flick on the lights. High speed turns are meet with a slight uneaseness. Rock gardens require cat like reflexes, and the only thing you can focus in on is the fading trail just feet in front of your face.

And then the lights come on... And it's game time.

Go ride your bike.


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