Monday, October 4, 2010

See Saw at Warsaw

Two seperate flats in the first half of the first lap... Check

Mile plus run though a rock garden.... Check

Patching my last remaining tube at the car... Check

Running 40psi in my tires on my rigid just to make sure as not to pinch flat again... Check

Becoming a human pinball on the roughest course to date... You betcha

Warsaw was brutal. Mac decided to make it a real man's course and go crazy with the rock gardens. The rigid wouldn't have been horrible, until I had to run 40psi. Took the lead nicely, put in a nice gap, flatted and watched everyone go by.

Felt good though, really good, but had to hold it back as to finish. At that point I had already lost the race, but if I got a finish, I got the points to take the overall series in the MWFTS.

Two overall series wins in a year... Oh ya boy

Not that it was a challenge, but like Doug Stone said, doesn't matter how fast you are if you don't show up.

You can always count me in...


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