Monday, December 12, 2011

Screw It... I'm going BIG

After spending three days in the great Colorado Springs on one of these...

I gave in.

I'll have one of these by this weekend...

Oh ya, it's go time baby. I thought the Epic monster trucked. You have no idea. 140mm up front, 135 in the back. I may not be the fastest uphills, but let a rock garden get in the way and I'll show you how to murder it. The bike I rode all weekend only had 130mm overall travel. The Evo should rip rip rip it up all day all day.

Welcome to the big wheel, big travel era... I don't care what they say. These things are way too damn fun to deny. Anyone wanna buy a rigid hartail Stumpy? I've got one for sale...



  1. Love my FSSJ 29r. It ate the Whole Enchilada in Moab and wanted seconds! LOL