Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Snowy 40 Mile Katy Commute

I had no idea it was supposed to snow today when I chose to ride my bike to a friends in Booneville last night from work. It's a little over 40 miles on the Katy Trail. Last nights ride was good, but you could imagine my suprise when I woke up this morning. No worries, I bundled up and hit the road. Getting out of Booneville was fun. Cars and trucks sliding everywhere, and me and my bike just powering right on by them. It's was fun to watch the looks as I sprinted up hills they couldn't even drive up.

The ride went well, a little longer than expected but it was fun none the less. Hard too... The Katy hides itself in almost flat demeanor but is far from it on this section. You're either going up for miles at a slight grade, or down. It's the hilliest section of the Katy, and it works ya.

This got me thinking, what's the craziest/longest commute you've every done? I'm sure I'm not the only crazy one. Of course my co-workers thought 40 miles on the snowy Katy was nothing sort of insane. Oh, what they don't know...


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  1. once rode to lawrence from midtown through olathe while it was flat POURING for 55 of the 60 miles. did this with 3 other dudes, and when we were finishing up, saw the most badass rainbow and one of the best skyscapes ever looking back to the east.

    i've commuted a long ways in almost every weather imaginable. Another crazy one was the 2008 cyclocross championships. Had ridden out to Tiffany Springs Park from Merriam when it about 60*. 3 hours later it was 22*. I still had to ride home. Thank god for tailwinds and wal-mart