Thursday, February 9, 2012

Game Changer 2012

Well, were to start...

Quick recap of the last few weeks.

I quit my job.

I got sick.

I'm still sick.

Training has been very meh.

I'm in the search for a new job.

I'm still left with a lingering ear infection. It's been a week and a half, which started a week after the first round of sickness. So that's two and half weeks of being sick now. I was supposed to be on my way to Colorado today, but choose not to risk it being I still have quite a bit of pressure built up in my middle ear. Something about pushing hard in the mountains with that kind of pressure didn't sound appealing.

Back on the job front, I quit my job in order to persue working in the bike industry. I figured it was time for a change, and what better work feild to work in then bikes. Radio sales was pretty good to me, and I learned a ton, but it was time to switch it up and work my way to KC. I'm pretty sure it's going to work out great, but as of now I still remain unemployed. It was my plan for February, and then in March hopefully find myself in a shop learning from the ground up. Just haven't found the shop part yet...

I still ride my bike, and I've also been to the Speed Academy something like 10-12 or so times now. We've been riding over from a buddies house, doing the hour workout and then riding home. I've been on the Stumpy FSR and he's been on my cross bike. It's a good workout. 6 miles of sprinting over, and hour there, and 6 miles of sprinting back.

I did the first trainer ride of the year the other night at Travis' place. It was fun, but painful. Just like trainer workouts usually are. The workout was 7 - 20 seconds sprints full on with 10 seconds rest in between. Four sets with 3 minutes rest in between. Then finsihed it with a 10 minute 170 heart rate set. I made it through, but the antibiotics and sickness has me running pretty low on the energy scale. I just don't have much to give right now. It's getting better though, and I'm looking forward to getting better. Anyone knows being sick sucks, especially when you're trying to enjoy riding.

So that's about it for now... Nothing exciting, unless you're in my shoes. It's a unique time in life for me, and I'm looking forward to where it leads.

Don't forget the Howling this Saturday night, preceded by Street Cred. I'd like to do both. I've never done any of the Street Creds, but they sound like fun, and the Howling, well, it'll be a damn blast no doubt.

I need some sleep... The dirt will be frozen in the early morning. I'd like to great it with some fat tire goodness.


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