Wednesday, March 27, 2013

XC Snow Biking

Those who braved the elements last Saturday and Sunday were treated to a little off road fun over at the Lawrence River Trails compliments of Cow Town Cycling.  I didn't make the Duo, but heard it was a good time.  Sunday came with a winter wonderland full of giant baseball snowflakes, and plenty of inches to insure pure fun.  I knew that the early riders would take the brunt of packing in the trail, but once done, it would lead to blissfully packed single track through a canopy of white splattered trees.  I love riding my bike in the snow... It's likely the funnest riding one can have on a bike, given the right conditions and all.

Our race was right.  Well, at least 3 of the 5 laps.  Laps 4 and 5 started to turn a bit slick and more wet than pack.  Either way the trails handled just fine, and the racing action was full of full on moto style corning.  I'm sure a game of foot down would last 20 seconds all out that day.  The start consisted of a drag race down the levee before dropping into the woods for a fast and furious drift wonderscape.

I jokingly said it would be just a fun ride through the snow.  Then I lined up.

That whole lining up thing and seeing everyone getting ready to punch it turns that fun ride agenda upside down into a lets see how fast I can be the carrot.  Then as the carrot I push myself, and I see how fast snow can be ridden.  Turns out this snow was fast, and minus a few corners you could really open it up and if you positioned yourself rightly, you could rip through the corners with just a minor chance of sketchiness.

My go hard early plan worked out and I was able to keep it on cruise for the last few laps just staying conistant knowing I had a fairly good gap.  I would catch a glimpse of Travis or JP every once in awhile, and on the last lap return leg back to the finish I saw them together and they were quick to be heard.  They made their typical racket and parade me on to what was almost a clean race.  That was until I saw Griff and decided to wad it up.  No worries, one little wreck in conditions that were a bit more trying was ok by me.

Winner Winner.... I'll take it however it comes.

Chris and his crew of family and friends did a fantastic job, and I commend them on pulling it off.  No doubt that just took the cake for best race conditions of the year.  There will be no way to top it.  Although I'd be more than willing for some 65 degree, hero dirt conditions to make comparision.

Results and pic here.

A lackluster report here.  Sorry, but for what looks like and almost legit websit they didn't even bother mentioning the Mens Open race.  Ethos went 1,2,3 though, just so they got that right.

Next up, some good ol' Pirate action.  I can't wait to tie on my wooden leg...

Then Swanson.  Time to play with our other group of racing buddies...


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