Wednesday, July 1, 2009

SS Non Race, Ripping Landahl, and Blisters

I guess when you shout, scream, and curse enough, the powers to be listen and grant you one wish, dry trails. Sunday was the SS "non-race" at Binder in Jeff City. If you missed it, sorry, you missed on hellava time. Probably the best ride/race I've done this year, due to the fact that it was low key, the entry fee was beer, and we all were on the same playing field rocking one gear like bats outta hell.

There were about 40 riders who showed, and had it not been for ANOTHER flat in the last lap, I woulda been 3rd. Guess 4th isn't so bad. Afterwards the beer and bbq got fired up, and the shit talkin and bullshittin got underway. Rich took 3rd, the same badass who almost took my win at Warsaw. Furhman took 1st. Had it not been for the flat I was confident I woulda been put up in the sprint finish. They were just ahead when I got screwed... I was pleased though, given I did a three hour hotter than hell ride on Saturday and spent the rest of the day soakin it up at the Oceans of Fun with the little ones. That was a good time, but damn was it packed with little runts who ran around like little torpedos ready to strike at any moment you weren't paying attention.

So the weekend was grand, the only downfall was I had a master blister on my left hand from not riding a rigid in so long. So I got the word from Shawn "SSP" Burns that it was going down last night at Landahl. I had planned on taking another day off to let the hand heal but that shit was outta of the question. I ran late and didn't have time to get the Stumpy in order, so it was more rigid fury for me.

It was Shawn, Jessie, Travis, and I, and we threw down. Rode everything but Rim, and part of Wills, did Tasty twice, and 10 and 11. All in all it was the best group ride to date this year. Fucking blast... I had no grip by the end of it though, and my hands now sport a couple of other blisters that are sure to pop at the next handshake, hopefully not on an important client. Take the good with the bad pussy.

Railing Rockbridge tonight, in BOCOMO, so if your around and you see the cow rolling around, say hey. Let's hope these hands hold up...

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  1. That was a hella fun ride! Lets do it again and again and again....