Thursday, November 12, 2009

Lake Cycling

If you're not buying Lake Cycling shoes, you need to be... I swear, I've never experienced customer service like theirs, EVER! I just got off the phone with Chris, I had a few issues with a couple pair of their shoes, and as always he was spot on with his service.

I bought a pair of their top end 401's a year back, and competly destroyed them at Ouchita this year. I talked with Chris, and he informed me they had an issue with said shoe, which I why I was able to buy it at the discount price. No biggie, he said send them here, and I'll fix them up. Not only did he fix them up, but he sent me a replacement pair of 235's to ride while I was without the 401's. That's a $200 pair of shoes for free, just so he knew that I had something to wear in the meantime.

Oh by the way, when you call their number, it rings a few times, and a real person picks up. Eat that shit big 3.

So fast forward to today. My 401's had a broken dial from eating shit at the Swope XC race. I've been bullshiting about calling, but finally called today. He hooked me up with the BOA e-mail and told me what to do to get a new dial system sent to me, for free. Also my 235s have had an issue with the rear sole cup coming loose. The stichting broke a few months ago, and finally broke loose. Again, no biggie said Chris, send me a picture, take them to your local shoe smith, and I'll re-imburse you for the cost.

Holy shit, I mean how much better can you get? Well let me tell you... My buckles came a little loose and flop around a bit. I don't give a shit, they still work, but they click clack sometimes. I'm not picky, especially with a free pair of shoes. While I was talking to him about the new pimptastic 235's coming out, he told me they went to straps because they're trying to get away from buckles. I told him my deal and he said he was shipping out the new and improved buckle system as we spoke.

Now you may ask why I've had so many problems with my shoes. Understand that on a normal year, I would go through 2-3 pair of Specialized shoes. While I never really tested Specialized shoes warranty, I don't care. They fell apart like junk, while as the Lake shoes just have little issues here and there. Not completly falling apart issues like I had with Specialized. I ride hard, I'm hard on my shit. If a pair of shoes last me a year I'm utterly amazed. The 235's look like brand new after 6 months of constant abuse. A little work on the heal and I'm good. The 401's after the repair still are holding strong also.

Lake is the shit in my book and I hope they can be the shit for you too. Check out their website at

And here's a pic of the new 235. Oh ya baby, RASTAFARIAN! I'm checking a pair come March, these are just to sweet to pass up.

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