Monday, November 2, 2009

Boss Cross 3 - Ups and Downs

Wow that one awesome, painful race...

Cameron smoked us in the SS class. I had a good gap at one time on Songer, he came back, and beat me at the very last minute of the last lap. Almost...

I borrowed Kevin's Tricross to race the 3/4s. Couldn't muster the strength for the SS in two races. Probably the hardest race of my life, there were times where all I wanted to do was collapse and die. Started out horrible, towards the back, but found my groove and started picking off riders left and right. A few laps in I found myself behind Mark Cole. Put it down on the techinical section to get a gap. Slowly built it up and then went to maintaining it.

Could't catch Travis, he was riding well and I didn't have shit for snap. I came around and saw 5 laps to go and almost passed out. The last half of the race was a blur, pound it on the hills and sappy sections and hold on for the rest. Managed to take 4th though, which I was happy about.

Won 20 bucks in that race, and a Giro hoodie for a 3rd in the SS class. Another good day of training.

Yesterday we woke up early, popped the first top of a bottle of wine at 10 and finished the third bottle around 5. Good day of relaxing and enjoying the weather. This time change has me all messed up.

Wanna ride tommorow night? Legs get snapped at the Tuesday Night Training Races... Meet at the west side of Berkley Riverfront Park, just below the Grand St. viaduct.

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