Thursday, September 23, 2010


Shoop, do, be doop, shoop e doop, doop e doop e doop e.

That's about the extent of my thoughts on the Swope race last weekend. This picture pretty much sums it up.

Riding strong, sitting 4th, pass third taking the hard line down Jawbreaker, riding behind Trav and Aaron comfortably, then I take a hard hit to the saddle, and it takes and ass dive. Try to fix it, and the craptastic bolt, and my fumbleness ended up stripping the bolt. Then it was two and a half laps of dealing with a seat that nosedived, then ass dived, then stayed center for a few minutes then did more diving. I choose to just take it easy and have fun.

I won the 19-29 Cat 1 race tho! Seacat DNF'd after the first lap because of flats. I officialy took the overall series win also. So did Travis. That's what Ethos does.

KNOB THIS WEEKEND! Fuck all you crossers... Tossers. Can't you just wait till its gets somewhat cool? Manions does sound super fun though, and had I already not told everyone I'll be at Knob, I'd so be going after that sweet Chrome jersey for the SS winner.

Either way, come rock Knob Noster witcha boy this weekend. It'll be soooooo amazing.



  1. Good luck at Knob! When you getting your new ride?

  2. Knob was awesome... more to come later today. New bike likely late October, or November, or December, or maybe January. With the deal we have set up it all depends on the stock of the bike, but once there's 10 in stock, I'll have on the way. Looks like this year should be easier getting one than last year. Although the Evo I've heard is in limited production, so we'll see.