Monday, September 27, 2010

Alternate Current Direct Current

If there's one thing I remember from my childhood it's the sounds of AC/DC blasting from my Pop's car stereo as we jammed to the likes of "Hells Bells", "Back in Black", "Thunderstruck" and more. I decided to make Back in Black my theme song last week as I plotted my redemtion on crap legs and bad races for the last month. I was ready to feel good again. Ready to pound pedals like I knew what I was doing instead of finding myself laid over on the side of the trail watching the race go by.

I did some pretty intense recovery workout last week. This consisted of little riding, lots of massage, foam rolling, no drinking beer, drinking 150+ ounces of water a day, good nutrition, lots of pills, and even some EMS. Apparently my roomate thought I was crazy when I whipped out the electric magnetic stimulator machine. Ever seen one? You place electrode patches on the muscles and it contracts the muscles through electrical current.

Anyways I overdid that part a bit, and instead of doing a recovery session of 1-3 magnatude contractions, I did 6-8. My legs were sore as hell on Saturday, and slightly better on Sunday. I didn't care though, I felt great.

Knob Noster got a little rain on Saturday night, but really didn't matter. The trail was good, minus the exits of a few creeks, and the new section that was a bit boggy.

Good to see some KC folks down to race. I've been talking that race up all year, and some of the guys I expected didn't so, but some I didn't did. We only had 4 total experts, and I was the only Open guy. After trying to sneak into the 35+, I was rejected but we did all start at the same time.

I laid down the patented G-wiz start, and took to the singletrack first. I slowed down on the new section to get a nice recovery in and once we hit the classic track, I let my knowiness of the trail and fresh legs take to it. Luckily Barry reduced the race from 4 laps to 3, which was nice for me due to the climbs and my one gear.

That was the last I saw of the other guys. I rode my race clean minus one over the bar ride. It was on the only rocky climb and I came in way too hot the first lap. No biggie though, I was back on and riding fast shortly after.

I did everything well yesterday. My legs were spinning fast, they climbed well, and they held a nice pace. I came in at 1:40 with Doug Stone at 1:48, Todd Fridley at 1:50 something and Mitch a while after that with some flats.

Steve came down which I didn't expect. Always good to see that cat's mug. He did well, and while he couldn't quite beat Gary Lowden in his age group, he did beat all but 2 of the 40-49 year old Cat 2's.

Here's the money shot. I need to teach Steve how to properly take photos. It's not a photo unless you flash a crazy face.

My legs are back on... I'm going to race Warsaw this weekend. Apparently no one has been consistant in the MWFTS and with a finish at Warsaw, I'll have that Open Expert overall series wrapped up. Two series wins in one season... Not to shabby abby.

Here's to not racing cross yet!


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