Thursday, May 12, 2011

Hello Again Cross Eyes

Inside everyone lies a deep dark cave that most never venture to explore. Inside this dark place awaites a creature that most never get to meet. Some call it the pain cave, or the hurt locker. I call it my happy place. Inside my cave lies Cross Eyes. When I venture deep enough into my cave I meet Cross Eyes, and at that moment I know I've reached my destination.

Intervals always get me to that deep dark happy place. The feeling of finishing a set and barely being able to see straight always brings me a feeling of accomplishment afterwards. It's also in this dark place that you become familiar with the feeling of being on the edge of making it, and breaking it. Flirting with this edge will teach you just how deep and far you can push the body before it truely crumbles into submission. This place is almost always farther than you'd expect. I like to flirt with that line because when we race, that moment almost always rears it's head. It's being able to understand how to deal with that moment, and to keep pushing on that allows you to keep pounding pedals, and not stopping by the side of the trail hunched over feeling like death.

Last night the intervals went something like this...

Warm up for 15 minutes.

13 minutes of 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off

3-4 minutes recovery

7 60 second intervals with 30 seconds rest between

3-4 minutes recovery

12 minutes of 15 scconds on, 15 seconds off

These interval mimic mountain biking to a good degree. There's alot of stop and go with mountain biking, because most courses are far from straight. Corner, explode, corner, explode. That's the 15 seconds on, 15 seconds off. The one minute intervals are almost like hill repeats. Most hills don't last longer than a minute around here, and you're lucky to get a 30 second break before hitting it hard again.

Find your deep dark cave sometime. Push just a little harder than you think your capable of. You'll find you'll be able to go harder than you expected. And when you bust, take a break, and then hit it hard again. Then next time your out hammering it and that feeling starts to take over, you'll know exactly what to do...

Rhett's is ran or shine this weekend. Come have some fun...


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