Thursday, May 26, 2011


My world is always better when a bike is under me.

I had a very nice converstation with a client of mine today. Watching the emotion in his face as he explained his massive lose of weight by riding a stationary bike was exciting. He told me how when he first started, he could barely ride 10 minutes. Then it was 15, then 20, 30, all the way up to an hour and a half. He lost 40 pounds just like that.

It was cool. Unfortunately his wife has some serious health problems that curtailed his biking, but she's better now, and I hope our talk today re-ignited his fire to get back on.

We got hit with a tornado yesterday. It was pretty crazy, but the great news is everyone is ok. There's a lot of damage. Especially to a few of my clients. Nothing compared to Joplin, but crazy none the less.

I was at work... The safest place in town. It's an old bank. Limestone built, with bomb shelter underneath. We missed it by a mile.

It's Memorial Day weekend. Sounds like most are headed up North to race skinny tires. Not me. Just relaxing. One week left till the next big show.


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