Thursday, May 21, 2009

Don't Drink and Dive!

Mixing swimming with drinking is NOT a good idea. Keep that in mind this weekend. You may get to the point of intoxication that it seems like a great idea to do a double gainer off the top of the dock, only to find out when your limp drunk body lands in the water, you're too drunk to swim your way back to the dock, let along pull your pansy ass up on it. Better hope you have one of these to save you...

I've had to save more than one friend who thought the same idea was smart.

Schmo and I tore up Landahl for a couple hours last night on the SS Monkey's. Trails are primo folks, hit them before the rain on Sunday and Monday. Saturday will be TITS!

I'll be heading down the the Lake to indulge in being a fat lazy ass. I will be staying sober long enought Saturday to go hit up the Warsaw trails though. Put in a little recon work for next weekends race.

What's that you say? Race at Warsaw? Yes, it is true, there's an undergroundish three race series going on down at the new and fresh Warsaw, MO trails. The first race is May 31st, the second is June 21st, and the third falling on July 12th. It's cheap, it's fun, it's another excuse to go ride yourself into the ground. Begginners pay 5 bucks, Sport is 10, and the few Expert racers is 15 bucks. Call Provelo in Sedalia for more info, (660)826-3322.

So whatever it is you find yourself doing this weekend, do it to the fullest, have fun, and remember, don't drink and dive!


  1. Hey man,
    This is LeLan from Emporia. We are doing a race on July 19th ( Hope you can make it, and I would appreciate it if you would help spread the word. Maybe a quick post and add the link? Thanks and happy riding!

  2. Hey Lelan,

    Funny thing was roaming the introweb and ran up on your blog. I'll be happy to post up a little sumthin sumthin on your race, and will try my bestest to make it down there in the flesh. Ride on!