Thursday, May 14, 2009

The Start of Something Grand

If there's a bandwagon to jump on, I'm on it. These things are like the latest and greatest I'm told, you're a no body until you have your own blog. We'll slap my ass and call me Skippy, I'm now a somebody. I've gone global, but I promise this won't be just another average, half-assed, this is what my boring day consisted of type of blog. More like a source of all awesomeness, what's new in the emense world of Mid-West cycling, and how I'm preparing to dominate the weak of hearted on the trails next race. You'll also find reports of my mojo being crushed by the stupid fast Expert racers this year, reports of epic far and away battles with the most stellar trail systems in the area, and a bunch of other random musings and ramblings. Strap youself in, your about to take a ride on the crazy train...

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