Thursday, May 28, 2009


Stress at work, moving, shitty weather... It's been one of those weeks, and we even had Monday off. Last night I felt like blowing off some steam, so I grabed the Jake and headed out to do some hills, or heels as my country bumpkin girlfriend Jamie would call them.

We live in some pretty flat country around here, but I was in Warrensburg which meant I knew exactly where all the ball busters were. I headed out west after the FU Hill, followed by Premature Ejaculator and Meat Grinder, three times, back East to the Lions Hills, followed by You Suck Hill, and finished off with the Nut Buster. All in all I ended up with a hair under 1500 feet of climbing in a little less than and hour and half. My legs were stuck, wore out, and I had a bunch of cleaning to do.

I opted to procrastinate on this whole moving deal. I had all month to do it, but I figured why not wait till the last 4 days to do it all? So I spent all night cleaning and packing shit. I hate moving. I did say screw it this time though, and rented a Uhaul truck for Friday. I'm out on making 5 truck loads and 5 different trips from Blackburn to Warrensburg. My times worth more than the hundred dollars it will take to move it all one trip with the 17 foot moving truck.

I'm gonna take the Stumpy out and ride from Blackburn to Warrensburg tonight, about a 35 mile round trip on mostly gravel, then do more packing and cleaning. Tommorow nights gonna be a all nighter, and hopefully we should have it all whooped by Saturday in the AM. Then it's rest time, and getting ready for some ego crushin on Sunday at the Warsaw race. I'll have a nice big head going into the Rhetts Run, where abouts my soul will be crushed and my head popped like a pimple on a fat ladys ass. I'll leave you with that...

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