Tuesday, May 19, 2009

My Soon To Be New Hood

Well, I'm turning a leaf, and saying goodbye to the rat hole town of Warrensburg that I've called my home for the last few years. I guess it wasn't THAT bad, but I guess if you compare a football shoved up your rear vs. a porcupine, that isn't that bad either. It's not my cup of tea.

I'm choosing to move to an even bigger hole in the wall, but more or less in a good way. Blackburn brings it back to the old school days of growing up in Russelville. Except Blackburn is much smaller than that. Its chill though, country as Garth Brooks, and it has a nice lake a stones throw from the back yard. Yup, it's real nice I tell ya.

Spent a good five hours on the bike this weekend. Two and a half hours on both Saturday and Sunday. I need to get my motionbased account set up so you can see all that is awesome with my Garmin readouts. Nothing grand...

Speaking of grand, here's a little town that pretty much sums up the kinda place you'll find me rolling my two wheels around...

That got me thinking, what constitutes a town? I mean you can piss from one side to the other in this town. So I did some detective work. Seems as though the order goes like this, Hamlet, Village, Town, and City. Wiki had Grand Pass labled a Village. I'm pretty sure I'm the only lycra wearing fancy pants to travel through Grand Pass, but I'm happy to say, I made it through successfully.

A couple other images that let you know just how country it is out here. This isn't like suburbs of KC country, this is like where the hoot owls fuck the chickens country. I would be more worried if I didn't carry a 12 guage strapped to my bike while riding. Let some hillbilly try to make me squeal like a pig. There's no snout here fat boy...

One last note before you go about your day, how do you all keep from this?

Guess I'll just have to play the farmer's tan part, and deal with the paste that is my body. It's gonna look real good this weekend when I'm showing off my bodies for the ladies. Get your glasses ladies, this sexeness will blind you...

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  1. Nice! You ought to see if you can actually piss from one end to the other as you roll through town on your bike. That would be hilarious. One nice thing about that place (and being the only rider) is you will probably always take the sprint sign!

    Glad to see you are still alive. Hope to be reading about some more rides soon.