Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Grinding Gravel and Hungover Intensity

I recovered well last week, and managed to put in some really good riding. The weather sucked monkey balls as usual. Spring seems to still have it's death grip on us, forcing us to stick to road, or what I enjoy even more, gravel. I took the Stumpy out on Wed. for some good gravel grinding, and then again on Saturday for a half century on the rocky roads. Fifty miles on gravel leaves me wore out, beaten, and ready for the best reason to ride, beer...

A six pack of Shocktop, on of my top summertime brews, hits the spot. I used to be able to throw down with the best of them when it came to drinking. El Milagro was my vice, a fifth of it on a Friday night was always doable. Then came the next days hell, which I came to not to much care for limiting my tequila intake. I'd rather not waste a day hungover...

Sunday woke, and I rolled out of bed to down some stone cut oats, which I've come to love after devouring Shawn's at Syllamo. That shit is golden. Some honey, peanut butter, and a banana tossed in makes a hellava breakfast. I felt decent, a little wore out from the past weeks efforts, and a little heavy due to my weak ass tolerance for alcohol, but ready for a hour and a half of hard work turning circles.

The wind had it's turn on me for the first 35 minutes of hard work after a 20 minute warm-up. I'd put it at around 10-15mph straight to the head. I turned around with an average of 19.2. Time to make up... 55 minutes later and I was done, turning in an average of 21.8mph just over 30 miles in. Not bad for a wore out, half-hungover morning.

In cycling news, the next round of the Down and Dirty Race goes on this Sunday. Ya it's Father's day, but it's an early race and I see my dad enough the way it is. Come out and partake in the pain if you can, it's sure to be another great day to rock the new Warsaw trails, and get more race trainging in. I'm working on trying to keep my top end going strong throughout the whole race and not pettering off like a sissy boy. We'll see if my new training has payed off...

Quit making excuses and go ride!

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