Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Down and Dirty Race 1

Damn I'm glad to be finally moved. I spent a total of 15 hours moving and cleaning this weekend. Seems like in the last few years, I've double my accumulation of useless shit, but being sort of a pack rat, you know I've got to keep it. You just never know when you'll need an old school N64. I used to get down on the Mortal Kombat.

So Sunday came, and we were up with the sun to get ready for the first race in the Warsaw race series, Down and Dirty. I knew the course, and I knew it was going to be a tough day. My body was wore from all the moving, and three weeks of pretty heavy riding. It was the end of my three week block, and more or less the last ride to ride myself in the ground before a week of rest. Our race was a three lap, 21 mile race, with alot of climbing, and plenty of ass pounding rocks.

We arrived at 9:30 and even though our expert race was supposed to start at 10:30 it didn't roll off till 11:15. I took the lead of the five man group, but shortly flatted when a rock penetrated my rear tire spewing Stans out everywhere. The tire is only about 6 rides old, it did go through Syllamo, but I was still dissapointed at it's longevity. Maybe if fucking tires weren't 50 dollars now days I wouldn't take it so personally. But until you pansy ass tire companies can come out with a tire that will actually hold together in rocks, doesn't weight a pound, and can get me through more than a handful of rides, I'm gonna bitch. I got passed by all the experts, and all the sport racers...

So I got it fixed and started to roll. It wasn't long and I was passing the sport feild like a bat outta hell. I wasted alot of energy but I wanted to regain my lead before the end of the lap. I managed to catch up to the two lead expert racers about 2/3's a way through the first lap. I took off past them on a field opening and never looked back.

I flatted again later in the race but still managed to come out with the win, with about 20 minutes to spare. The competition wasn't super stiff or anything, but damnit, a win is a win and I'll take it. I forgot my damn Garmin so I have no data, but I know my average was lower, partly due to the fact that I was running about 80%. Not a stupendous effort by any means.

I'm ready to rest, these old bones are tired, and the body is telling me to give it a break. Next weekend is Rhetts Run in CoMo, so I'm getting ready to experience a true Expert race. One in which I'll struggle to hold on for a short period of time, before being exploded off the back of the pack and be forced to wander the trails solo wondering just how far back my slack ass is. But maybe, just maybe, I'll get lucky enough to mid-pack it. We'll see...

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  1. Congrats on the win.

    See you at Rhett's Run.