Friday, June 19, 2009

Sedalia TT Training

Well I got wind that the Sedalia TT Training has been brought back on board. They run them on the first and third Thursday of every month, and it's a pretty damn good time. The course is roughly 20k, with quite a bit of climbing for a TT course. Now I'm no TTist by any means, no roadie either, just a guy with a Kona Jake, and a need for speed. So I thought I head out and flex my speed and see just how much I've improved over last year.

There were a total of 6 of us, with a couple in the group who could roll pretty well themselves. We set off in one minute intervals with my rounding off the back. I warmed up decently but the past few days of effort had me feeling a little sluggish. Ebby loaned me some sample packets of this new stuff which for the life of me I can't remember this morning. I'll post a review of it after the race at Warsaw this weekend. Seemed to be some pretty strong stuff, mainly focused on amino acids.

I took off well, and hit the road battling the strong cross wind. The wind and heat were the factor last night. It was hot and we had a strong SW wind whipping at 10-15 miles per hour with gust in the mid twenties. We turned directly into the wind about 3 miles into it and that's where the pain train began.

There's a long gradual hill that left me for ruin as it demolished my speed to 17mph. Not exactly TT material... I grudged up it, and hammered to the next turn, up the small rise, turn again for the last little leg of the out trip. The turn around happens just after a hill that is big enough to make you cry, especially trying to haul balls. I made it up almost to the top before blowing up. I took a swig, turned around and enjoyed the tail wind as much as possible.

The return trip was alot nicer, with a couple of balling tail wind section in which my Jake accelerated into the low 30's and held. I will say the wind did more damage than help because on the last leg it was a nasty cross head that reduced the speed down even more.

I put it in the red for most of the journey and the last climb to the finish was an all out effort in which I reached a new Max HR, and came across the line eyes closed with the hammer down. It was painfull...

Ebby had me at just under 34 minutes but my Garmin had me under 33. Not sure what happend there but I'm going with the Garmin cause it's faster you know. I was happy with it beins that last year I was in the 36-37 range and the conditions were much better. Now it's what I have to do to get it under 30. That's my goal, which I'm confident to say I'll reach. Maybe if I put some slicks on the rig instead of running cross tires next time. I'm always one to use the most unconventional shit for the situation to make it even harder than it should be.

If your in the area, stop by and join us. The next TT is the first Thursday in July, we meet at the church off 32nd street in Sedalia. It's about a mile from the 32nd and 65 intersection. The fun begins at 6pm.

Warsaw is a go for Sunday, so if you don't plan on driving 4 hours to race in Farmington, this is your other option. Find out all the dirt in my lower post or call ProVelo in Sedalia. It's going to be a good weekend...

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