Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Binder ATTACK!

Get ready, mount your horses, and be prepared for one of the fastest 6 hour courses this state has to offer. This Saturday marks the second annual Binder 6 Hour Race. Be there or be a square... But then again maybe square isn't so bad, it worked for this guy. His enthusiasm will be matched by mine on Saturday.

I'm going a different route this time. This was my best race last year, I took 2nd out of 40 racers, and beat my long time nemesis Kyle Shour. Kyle proved to make me his bitch at Rim this year, I think that New Mexico Pro training has helped. Last year I was gun ho into the endurance scene, but that's not the case this year. I'm good as gold up to the three hour mark, but after that I start petering out fairly quickly. I'm still waiting for the Viagra of endurance racing. Something to keep me hard all day long!

I'm pairing up with an older gentleman who posses much badassness, Mike Classen. This guy usually gives me a run for the money in the endurance field, and I forsee much good times on Saturday racing side by side with him. I'm totally stoked to race the 6 hour duo format, as I'm told it's the coolest shit since sliced bread, and pornography. It's gotta be good if it's as cool as porn.

So you'll see me on my newly revised Stumpy. I got pissed off from having gearing issues, and after having so much fucking fun on the Monkey last weekend, I striped it and it now weighs two pounds less and has one gear, instead of 27. It's going to be supa fast at Binder.

This is going to be perfect training for my next upcoming gauntlet of races, four XC races in a row. Get ready, get set, riding your fucking bike till the wheels fall off!

Find all the dirt here...

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