Tuesday, September 29, 2009

I'm Shitty

About keeping this thing updated. I really didn't think it would be hard, but I find myself putting off updates all the time. I'm a shitty blogger.... Sorry. Not that many of you choose to read my ramblings, but to the few lonelies out there who have nothing better to do, I appologize.

I had an awesome KC Cup experience. I'm pretty sure I was the only dummy to toe the expert line with one gear. I spun my freaking brains out keeping up with the fast start on the road, but managed to find myself in a decent spot when we hit the singletrack. I think I got some looks passing people on the pavement on my SS. I spin like a monkey on crank.

I did manage to get stuck behind a train of riders who I could have done better without. I managed to superman it trying to pass some 360 rider who didn't give me shit for room to pass. Seemed to be the story of the day. Apparently these Expert Guys don't like to get passed and aren't so gracious about letting you do so. I expect the one getting passed to slide to the right, and let the passer pass on the left, preferably somewhat on the singletrack. This guy expected me to dodge trees and run in the sticks to pass him.

I finally broke free of traffic and was able to roll my own pace halfway into the race. I finished fairly strong, taking 3rd in my age group 19-29. Of course Shad Shiener took first with Cam just a few seconds behind for 2nd. Kinda hard competition. Those guys took 1st and 2nd overall. Had I not got stuck in traffic, I'm pretty sure I would have taken tope 5 overall. I missed it by one minute and took 6th. I was stoked.

Last weekend was my first cross race. FUCKING AWESOME! Got me hooked... I raced SS after fucking with my bike all week. Apparently it didn't like the gear choice I had on it, and I shoulda listned to it. I got it working, but it proved to work me midway through the race. Apparently I thought I could push a 42x18 for 45 minutes. I underestamated cross. I'll be switching to a 19 or 20 this weekend, for sure. Either way that shit was serious pain, and serious fun. Managed 6th outta 16 starters. Not to shabby but I'm shooting for podium this weekend. I found out I need water during a cross race, or at least during one that last 40 minutes in 85 degree weather. That was some crazy shit.

This weekend I'm skipping Warsaw to do the double header at Parkview. I vowed not to race cross till November but you know what, fuck it. I'm hooked, and ready to start kicking ass on the grass. I'll be sporting a water bottle, and I don't care how damn ridiculous or pussified you think I am. Gels too... That's just me...

Oh, we also debuted our new team last weekend, Team Ethos. Look for us around at about any racing event this side of the Mississippi. Yup, we'll be there...

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