Friday, September 11, 2009

Quick Update

So last weekend was awesome. I had a great time with Mike ripping Binder to shreads on my newly built Stumpy SS. That thing ripped ass, and tore up the trail with blazing speed. I was super happy with the day, minus my start fuck up. Jumped on my bike after the lemans start and my seat took a nose dive. I had to stop to fix it and got put behind literally the entire field. Sorry to those few riders who I had choice words with during the first lap. No one wanted to move out of the way and I was in a hurry... My bad.

We took 4th out of 28 teams. We lost 3rd by less than one minute with one mile to go at the end. Mike left everything he had out there, and couldn't quit hold off the badass on the other team who was riding like it was his first lap. Mike, you did awesome man! I held down super consitant lap times, minus my first lap. I turned a 34, then another 34, then a 35, and my last lap was my second fastest with another 34. It was an awesome race, and definently the best race for me this year. As far as racers times goes, I was the third fastest of the day according to times. Chris Ploch was the fastest, followed by Cameron Chambers, then Me. Super stoked about that, not to say that bad ass Jeff Winkler who turned 11 solo lapes couldn't have smoked my chili, but he was racing solo. That guy is insperation.

Had an good ride at Warsaw last night. In case you didn't know that's the local of the last XC mountain bike race this year. It goes down October 4th. If you have any balls, you'll come race. Trust me, you'll need them. This is a true mountain bike course, none of that pussy ass half cross half mountain bike shit we sometimes have to race. It's a unforgiving course, super fun, and it'll kick your ass on a SS, which I'll be racing. Good times my friends, good times will be indeed.

Swope Park XC is next weekend, mount up soldiers, the actions is going to be packed. I'm stoked to actually race an Expert age group class that doesn't put me in with the 30 somethings. Those asses have way more experience than me. Of course this also means I'll be facing Cam for sure, and likely guys like Shad S. Those fuckers are faster than me any day. Maybe top five????

So I'm off to the Sedalia stage of the Tour of Missouri. OH YA, got me a hospitality tent pass, AND a Media Pass. I'll post up ridiculous pictures of stupid fast racers, and their stupid fast, way to damn expensive bikes. I'm like a kid in a candy shop. I'll try to keep the creaming to a minimal...

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