Tuesday, September 1, 2009

A New PR!

Stans 0 - Tubes 6

Last weekend Dishman and I made the long trek to Tipton, MO to do what was long hailed as one of the most bad ass weekends of Racing and drunken good times around. It proved just to be that. And it proved to kick my back tires ass with thorns that pierced and made tubes it's bitch all weekend long.

I won't bore you, but the trail was primo. A mixture of sweet river trails, and praire lands. I rocked the Karate Monkey SS since my gears were giving me troubles on the Stumpjumper. It proved to be a bad ass bike for this course. The glory lap was 13 miles long. I did three laps on the Karate monkey, and half of one on the Stumpy. I dug the SS sooo much more...

I flated 5 times during the race, and the sixth came as I pulled into camp. I had to cut the fourth lap short because the back tire was loosing air and I was out of tubes and forgot my damn patch kit back at camp when I asked Cam to patch a tube for me. Rookie mistake. I had to use my spare rear wheel which wasn't set up tubless, which also proved to be another mistake. I counted over 20 thorns in my front tire after the race. Stans proved to be king at this race.

We had an awesome time though, and I have to give a hugh shout out to the Palen Family who were kind enough to host us crazy hoodlums all weekend. The race was pricey, but worth every penny. The bicycle musical chairs proved to be a hoot, and Cam made that baby seat look good. The band was good, and our pony of Boulevard was even better.

No doubt had I not had my flat problems, I would have took top five in the Glory Solo. I was feeling good, and rolling strong. Cam put in the fastest lap at 52, Travis, his partner was throwing down consistant 56's. I put down a 1:02 in the first lap, on a SS, with a flat, and with a superman endo because some kid ran me off the trail. I was happy. Three laps into, with pit stops, and three total flats, I had averaged 1:08 per lap. Every race is a learning experience ass hopper, and next year, I WILL BE STANSED UP!

This weekend is the Binder 6 hour race, and I'm thinking of pairing up with a certain older fellow who rocks bikes like Ike kills jobs. Ya I saw this billboard up and had a laugh... BURN!

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