Thursday, October 8, 2009

Boss Cross Late Yes

Damnit man, no matter how hard I try I still slack on the updates. I'm wasting some time so I figured in between watching clips of bad asses like Martin Soderstrom and reading post about how Eatough is making his last big bang this weekend, I present my last weekend recap.

Boss Cross totally kicks ass, those guys put on one hellava weekend. I did awesome, proud of my skillz, and it made paying 160 bucks for a fucking Comfort Inn room worth it. Seriously? Comfort Inn common, I know it was the last room but I didn't even get a reach around. I at least expect some lube with that rape, but alas, I was dry humped.

Saturday I lined the SS race and battled it out with Songer and another 360 racer. Songer took off, I fumbled and wrecked. I battled hard with the other guy but made my pass on the sandy river bottom section. I hopped off, ran, passed, and made it stick. I put it down heavy and put in a gap to take 2nd for the day.

Saturday night was filled with some good food, good brew, and good company over at Trav's house. I only threw back three because I figured I'd like to do somewhat decent on Sunday, so we called it an early night.

Sunday was good. I was in the mix in the SS race, right behind Britton. We caught Songer with 1 and half to go. I fumbled again, they put it down, I lost them, and sat up the rest of the race. Took it easy because I figured I'd try my hand at the Cat 4 race. We started the Cat 4 race 30 minutes later. I felt great, and managed to stay to the front and out of all the carnage that was going down. I did ride shitty the first lap but busted loose on the barriers on lap 2. Put it down hard for the win. I know, I probably cherry picked a bit, but I already had one race in me for the day, I'm new to this shit, and I was on a SS for christ sake. I mean those guys had wheels that cost more than my whole bike. I'm joining the 3/4 ranks next time...

Great weekend, great racing, and great weather. Congrats to Travis for taking 3rd on Saturday in the 3/4's. That was seriously one of the most bad ass finishes I've got the pleasure of watching. Go Ethos!

I got to hit up a couple hours of dirt last night... Binder Lake. Fucking great I tell you. Two weeks my Stumpy has sat in the basement. Ever since the Swope race. It felt great to get back out on the trails, and I was reminded that even though I love this cross shit, mountain biking will always be where my heart remains. I just love ripping singletrack and tackling technical obstacles. Nothing like it...

So no training tonight, hit it hard tommorow night, take it easy Saturday, and race Chris Cross on Sunday. Not a bad plan... I meant to post some pics from this weekend, but I don't have them and even if I did that shit takes time. I'm off to pick up some ribs, some brew, and a can of chaw to post up and watch the gridiron game of MU VS Nebraska tonight. I don't really care that much, but something about sitting on my ass and watching a epic battle in the rain and mud sounds pleasing.

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