Friday, October 2, 2009

Swayze Memorial Cross Race and This Weekends Asskickings

So if you missed Wednesday's Swayze Memorial Cross race, then I feel sorry for you. You missed out on a great time. To sum it up, you missed Shawn creaming the barrier trying to show his superior bunny hopping skillz, or lack thereof, and Cameron in rare form not know what to do with high speeds, a fixie, and a barrier. He looked goofy as hell trying to dismount. I thank you Cam, had it not been for that fuck up, you would have destroyed us all in the three stage cross race. Oh, but the name of the game is consistancy my friend, something your normally very good about, but you brought a knife to a gunfight, and forgot how to throw it.

Thanks to Briton for putting on a good time, I think he also could have been in contengency for the top spot but unfortantely he took a spill on the first short track race and broke his right Rival shifter. You never know just what may happen...

Me, I raced particularly well in the light of strong players. I put down a decent TT, but had troubles clipping in which cost me some time. I took 3rd tied with Chris Hersey. He managed to one up me on the first race, I had a pass planned on the last home stretch but got caught up in traffic and couldn't pull the trigger. The second longer race had Chris out front for half the race. I then pulled a move, and did like they say and put in a gap. It held, I still got lapped by Cameron, but pulled out a 2nd to wrap up the night in a tie with Hersey for first.

I'll take it, but I know I was not the best out there, just the most consitant. It was awesome training, and my lungs got a searing workout. I felt like I had smoked a quarter sack afterwards, but I knew it was for the better. Unlike had I really smoked that much grass. Oh, the good ol' days.

Gather up the boys cause this weekend the cross action is going to be hot. Parkview is home of the Boss Cross 1 and 2, Saturday and Sunday. I plan on putting the hurt on as many SS'ers as possible, just got the call that my new Surly cogs are in. No more 42x18, I'm taking it a little easier.

Here's the dirt on Swayze.

Here's Boss Cross...

Peace and Love Hombres, get out and ride yur foocking bike.

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