Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Boulavard Cup

Tank 7, the shit... My legs, not so much. Boulavard Cup was a C race for me, so I'm still happy at my lackluster performance. Friday night and Saturday spelled disaster with a giant blowup with Jamie led to a bunch of unwanted stress, but that's life. That's women...

I felt decent warming up but once the pre-lap hit, I noticed tight legs. The first lap went well with Cam and I putting in a nice gap. I slowly started to fade from there. Went down on lap 3 or 4 and lost some time. Songer eventually passed me on the three step barrier, I went too wide and ended up outside of the tape. Had to do another quick dismount to get back on course and he saw it. He put in a surge, I couldn't answer.

Felt like quiting many times during the race. I couldn't stay one top of my gear, and my back was killing me which is unusual. I saw 4th starting to make ground so I decided to use some strategy. I sat up on lap 5 for the last half and let him catch up. I knew 5th was out of it, so it would be me and him for 3rd. He put in an instant gap on the pavement, probably 10 or so seconds. I quickly caught him on the first hill and noticed he was feeling it too. I managed to cut him on a corner and took back over 3rd and never looked back.

Caught a second wind, and managed to extend my gap leading into the last lap. Took a beer hand up and cruised in for 3rd. Pretty happy given my weak performance. Got to see what I was really made of, and it will prove to pay off hugely in my future performances.

The race was awesome, the food was amazing, the beer was flowing, and the crowd was awesome. Something about people screaming your name makes you dig deep.

This pic pretty much sums it up for me. Huge congrats to Travis, he put in a nice race even though they wouldn't allow him to race 3's. Cam tore up the SS division on his Fixie, proving he still is and always will be a beast on a bike. Jamie, Kevin, and Jessie also were in attendance, all looking stonger than ever. Good job guys!


  1. garet,

    nice work man. i'll send you those picks. jessegfunk@gmail.com

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