Monday, December 20, 2010


Some weekends end up just like you'd planned, and sometimes not so much. This last weekend was pretty good.

Two good gravel rides Friday and Saturday, and a botched ride at Landahl, followed by an hour or so at Swope. Wasn't the 4 hours I was looking for, but my legs weren't feeling the greatest and it never really worked out. I got to ride though, and Swope is just about as close to perfect as it gets right now.

I do have one issue with Swope though, there's no damn toilets. Whats a man to do when he has to drop a duece? The leaves are crumply right now you know.

Buy parts for the new build up come February. How about seatpost options? I like Thomson's, but I'm going after a sub 23 pound build so I have to be selective on weight. I've thought about carbon, but not sure if it'll last under my ass. Any suggestions on stong light seatposts? I'm pretty sure I'm going with a Truvative Stylo bar, but won't know the stem until I get the bike in my hands and can play with different stem lengths. Also still up on the air on seats. I'm after a sub 150 gram seat with a 140+ width. They're out there...

Tires? I'm pretty sure I'm going to start on some Renegades. Really wanna try those out. Wheels are coming, brakes are ordered, and the cranks will likely be S-works. I'm pretty sure that covers it.

Lots of riding this week, and the Ralpha 500 challenge next week. 300 miles in a 6 day frame. I'm going to crush it.


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