Monday, December 27, 2010

Welcome to Hell Week

Things didn't go as planned over the holiday break. I had an absolute awesome C-mas break, but riding wise didn't get done what I needed.

Thursday I took off and hit Snow Creek up for the first time this season. I was accompanied by my old friend Matt B... who you might remember from this last episode. Well this time ended much better, and we both had an awesome day on boards. I love snowboarding, and it felt so natural getting back on for the first time this season. I was hitting everything in the park, and they had an excellent set up with 7 hits in a run.

Friday was off, Saturday was off, and I finally managed to get back on the bike last night. It was on the trainer though, not 3 hours of gravel like I was hoping. We didn't get back home till 6, and we still had a ton of shit to do.

I managed an hour on the trainer though, followed by a short super secrete training circuit. The hour was pretty damn hard though. I had Eric's trainer, not my easy peazy bullshit trainer. I do cadence work on mine, but I maxed his out and did power time last night. I'm slating it as a 20 mile road ride. It was definently as hard if not harder than hitting the road for an hour.

By Hell Week I mean that this week will be hell. Let's just say 300 miles is the goal. Well now I only have 280 to go, and 5 days to get it done. Welcome to Hell my little buddies.


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