Sunday, June 12, 2011

A Tough Go

A real lack of motivation to post lately. The motivation to ride has been steady, but a little funk has arisen.

Bump and Grind didn't go well for me. The pace was sky high to start and just about the time I got settled down sitting in the 8 man lead train, I wrecked my brains out, and lost an immediate 30 seconds. It wasn't easy catching back on but I did... Right before the 4 mile climb. Redlined and needing rest, they lurched forward on me leaving me to fend like the 9th little piggy on an 8 titted sow.

The climb blew me up. I didn't feel it at all. Very unlike me, but the early efforts were unlike any other start. I managed to peddle my way to the finish for a 5th in my age group. I was extremely excited to see that I had also finised 5th overall. But apparently they fucked up the results and I lost 5th overall by less than 15 seconds. Son of a bitch. My time would have put me 5th in the pro class and the winner of my group would have placed 2nd. Some 19 year old ex-pro. Oh well...

KC Cup blew today. At least for me. I had really high hopes as I knew some heavy hitters where going to show. They did. After slamming down a 26, and 27 minute lap on Thursday with some still in the tank I was confident. I was high on power and flossing rim. I can do dry rocks. Today they were wet. I don't do well with wet rocks. Looking back I shoul have run less psi, but I was more worrie about banging my carbons rims I guess.

Pace was conversational to start. I attacked on the grass hill, as I planned. Kent McNeil put a quick move to cut me off into the singletrack, which wasn't part of my plan. Nice move on his part though. Travis pulled a fast one, which would has been nice to know as I could have done the same and we would have been 1-2. I'm stuck behind Mcneil. I make a valient dismount pass on RIM and take the lead ready to track down Travis, and a quarter mile later hit the deck hard.

I landed right on my right ass cheek. Harder than I've ever landed on it. I picked myself up and desperatly jumped on to catch back up. I immediately realized something was wrong, as with every right peddle stroke, sharp pain shot through my right ass cheek and back. No power and my stand and sprint was immobilized.

Rode the rest of the race at half power and full of struggle. Timid on RIM and in deep dark pain the whole way. But I finished. 5th overall and 1st of 3 in my group. People wondered why I wasn't happy with that. It's because when I know I have more than what I was giving, I get pissed. I had the legs, but a stupid mistake took me out of the real race. I wasn't in the right mind to start though, and the slick rocks of rim had me a bit worried. So was the problem. I worried therefore I wrecked. My positive mojo was compromised.

Time to regroup. Bring it back to center. Get the body recovered.

I wanna race the Lou next weekend at Lost Valley. Anyone interested?


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