Wednesday, February 15, 2012

2012 Race Schedule

My Mom would be proud.

I think I'm growing up a little...

My life perspective has seemed to changed somewhat over the last few months. The tornado that is my life has caused me to step back, evaluate my situation, and draw new conclusions based on that evaluation. My motivations are different, and my mindset is much more calm. At least it's seemingly that way. I've had my hot mess days, but overall I'm finding my mind is drifting towards the place it belongs.

So how's this all tie into my 2012 race season? Hugely...

Before I go on, here is the hit list 2012.

5-06 Wilson Lake Fat Tire Festival
6-02 Bump and Grind
6-16 Ute Valley ProXtc
7-14 Missoula ProXtc
8-18 Subaru Cup ProXtc
9-23 Binder 6 Hour
10-13 Burning at the Bluff

That's it... 7 dirt races, and hopefully a good handful of cross races. Much, much different than the 25 or so dirt races I did in 2011.

Why the major change? Well, there's plenty of reasons.

The main reason will be my new job. I'm happy to say that as of now, it looks like I'll be in KC for sure. Some things are coming together, and it's looking like I should find myself in a shop sometime in March. I've spent a decent amount of time beating the streets trying to find a place to call home work wise for 2012 and beyond. I've also been stressed doing so. Luckily this week things have started to come together, and I hope by next week I'll have a definent answer on where I'll be. Bottom line is though I'll be working weekends, and that means no local racing for the most part. I am going to do Wilson, Binder, and Burnin, but that's probably it. The plan is to get at least 4 good Pro races in too... These are the main focus for sure. I'm leaning on not going to Mellow Johnny's, even though I really want to. Ideally I would have had a great month of no work and all train, but being sick has put me back quite a bit. I'd rather not waste money to go race when I'm not confident in my riding. Instead, I'll save the precious race money I have and use it for one of the other races.

Back to growing up... I remember a good lady friend of mine telling me once that there's more to life than racing. I told her she's full of shit. Sorry for not seeing your perspective Sarah. I'm finding her words of wisdom to be somewhat true.

Racing my bike has been 90% of my focus the last 5+ years.

It seems I've spent so much time, energy, and money to get to were I'm at. Last year was a huge year for me, and I accomplished a ton. I simply don't have that to give this year. There are many other forces in my life that need focus, and my job will be the biggest. That's why I didn't hesistate a bit when asked if I could work nights and weekends. I'm willing to do whatever it takes to find myself a great postition in an industry I love, bikes. Up to now, my career has always taken a back seat to racing. No longer will that be the case.

So it sounds like a year of twinkies, double stuffed oreos, and charleston chews right? Na... I'm still a speed freak, and more importantly I still love riding my bike. I still love diving deep into the pain cave and pushing limits. Luckily I've learned you can still get faster and have more fun without killing yourself or alienating your life.

I've donated the target on my back to the next fool you best watch out for... That would be the Manimal. No, not this Manimal, although the Peep eating competition ranks high on the list of similarities between the two. I almost wonder if there is some correlation? And no, it's definently not this Manimal. Disturbing... Anyways, now newly minted KCMANIMAL is going to break souls this year in the Cat 1 field aboard his SS, mark my words. You best not let me down cracker!

Enough rambling... I'm off to catch some Z's, but not because my training plan calls for 9.76 hours of sleep tonight. I'm just plain ass tired...

Forecast looks amazing for the next 10 days. I'll be in KC next week for some dirt action. Hit me up, lets ride!


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  1. if i find time, you and the rest of the ethos jerks need to come ride the urban gravel grinder with me. good shit when trails around here are shit