Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Oops! Broken Sworks

So I'm out in Cali at the Specialized headquarters doing some training. We did a cool road ride yesterday, but it didn't end so well for me.

At the bottom of the decent I downshifted, stood up, and laid down some watts. Right as I did the chain dropped, sent me lurching forward, and 30mph speed wobbles followed. I managed to not ride it out cleanly and hit the deck in a most spectacular sprawled out fashion.

My first road wreck, and luckily all I came out with was some nice road rash, a broken helmet, a torn kit, and some lost eyeglasses. The test bike didn't manage to do so well though.

Pop goes the cherry...



  1. that a babe! break bikes that aren't yours!!!

  2. That sucks! Bet it was fun to watch though!

  3. see if they will let you keep the broken frame as a trophy and stay on the dirt!