Thursday, February 16, 2012


I love crazy people.

They make you think you really have a pretty normal, easy going life.

Like today... I had some crazy lady wheeling around a suitcase yell, and I quote, "Go to hell you sunavabitch!"

Not just like kinda yell it, more like a blood curteling scream. I could do nothing but smile and ride on.

Sometimes I think I'm a little crazy. Then I run upon someone like this lady.

Life is good.

I even found this CD hidden in a box today. It played the perfect tunes I needed for a training rebound. I felt good today. Today was a good day.

Yes... that just happend. Probably the only time Maiden and the Cube have been referenced in the same paragraph.

Figured since we were on the crazy theme...

Go ride this weekend. It's going to be beautiful!


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