Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Another Bike?

Ya, well, apparently I'm wanted on the cross battlefield this year. So that means an upgrade is needed. The old Jake just isn't quite a race machine. It's good, but after 4 years of being ridden hard, it's about time to be retired. It's been my trusty steed through many winters of gravel grinding, all one gear of her. Who knows, I may keep her, but I am definently getting one of these frames and building up a 1x10. That or JP has his Crux for sale. His is a better deal, but damn, you can deny the beauty of this work of art. It'll match perfectly with all my other bikes too...

You can find some info on the 2012 Specialized bikes here... Not all of them, just some. Apparently Specialized is leaking it out slowly.

I do have a 60cm Surly Crosscheck for sale. It's a pretty sweet bike. Salsa cockpit, king headset, messenger crankset, SS with some Ritchey wheels all laced to the gray frame. I need to sell it. I'd let it go for $500. It's pretty. I'll post pics soon...



  1. Great job at Subaru...too bad on the luck!

    Did you do short track?

    It'd be great too see you on the cross course...get the frame!

  2. No short track...

    Wanted to get back in time to relax versus getting back at 3am.

    I'm sure I'll be seeing you plenty on the cross course. I'll be the one watching the race from the back!